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This newsletter will provide you with information you won’t likely hear on the MSM and the “experts” they have on as guests. When I provide a forecast you should have a fair degree of confidence it will give you an idea of what is going to happen in the next few months. MAPS has accurately prognosed oncoming waves by months in advance every time so far. I am working on some added features you can access if you sign up for a paid subscription. I currently do this for all of our brothers and sisters out there and do not get a single penny for my efforts, including providing forecast guidance for local public health officials. My pay is a peace of mind knowing you are informed and hopefully impact some lives in a positive manner.

A pay subscription (this is in the works) will get full access to the newsletter, website, full forecast details, and your own local Covid Forecast. Remember, the MAPS model resolves the entire U.S. on ~0.5 square mile pixels to give you a local forecast. Each part of the country has a different “COVID” climate established by many factors like mask/vaccination mitigation. Never miss an update.

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I have been working in science in some capacity for over 40 years. Masters atmospheric chemistry&dispersion modeling, PhD atmos science/ecology. Currently provide Covid guidance to public health with a made from scratch pandemic model.